Lexy Design

My new character Lexy. Wanted to do a character design before i made an actual illustration with her. My paintings usually take so long because i change my mind so much on a characters hair and clothes so hopefully this time it'll go a bit smoother =)


Some WIP the green ones is a newer one that i need a break from cuz im not loving it but i need to finish it for my portfolio. The other one was started in December and I just remembered id like to start it up again at some point.


Study piece of nicole fox. Painted in artrage 3 figured i actually try to complete something in it, turned out decent for my first time using it and for being painted at a small resolution.

Antatomy 01

Working on anatomy. Her arms are a little too short and thin but its all about learning and realizing your mistakes . Used mjranum_stock .

Reference sweet reference

Head studies done with reference from http://lockstock.deviantart.com/. Did some head perspective studies with no reference to start off the day and they were so horrible that I am not posting them. I like the ones i used refernence on so maybe if i practice more eventually i wont draw crap when i have no ref. Fingers crossed.

Hand study and an attempt

Did a hand study today for about an hour. I avoid drawing hands like the plague so i was in some dire need of studying them. Used http://psychodjinn.deviantart.com/art/Hand-Reference-14803467 as reference.

I also tried drawing without reference today =( The result is below. Needless to say tomorrow im going to have to do some head studies tomorrow LOL

Here comes the bride

4 hours study used mjranum-stock as ref http://mjranum-stock.deviantart.com/art/Light-and-Dark-7-144604898 Took longer then I wanted to spend but I'm pretty happy with the result of the dress.

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