My entry for Rahll's Video Game Mash Up Contest

Fran from Final Fantasy XII/ Fenrir from Blood of Bahamut. I always wanted to paint Fran but never got around to it.
Done in about 5-7 days =)


Cutest movie ever!~ Done with graffiti app on facebook

Demon Girl+Wolf BW

New painting I'm currently working on. Trying a different technique black and white to colour. I'm not sure if i like it yet there pro's and cons . I'll decide after i finish =)

Fashion Assassin

Worked hard on this one. Lots of inspiration from haute couture and avant garde fashion. Took about 5-7 days to make =)


Finally its done! Lots of work went into this one, lots of little details more than I am use to. Also i did a step by step tutorial thingy which is kinda big but hopefully can be found helpful. Larger image can be downloaded at

self portrait study

3 hour self portrait study. I haven't being doing many studies/speed paints so figured i should do one before bed. I have such a hard time painting myself it never turns out quite right at least this time it kinda looks like me. The colouring and shading are a bit off but the facial features are somewhat accurate.

Eladrin Pin-up

Eladrin pin-up done for an art order challenge done in about a day and a half. Used an image of Dita Von Teese for reference

Lexy close-up preview

Preview of what I've been working on ;) I'm aiming to finish up in a few day and I'm doing a step by step process tutorial/thingy for this painting.


Painting I did of Rouge from x-men. I wanted to try to do some fan art for a change and probably wont do that again for a long time.

Lexy Design

My new character Lexy. Wanted to do a character design before i made an actual illustration with her. My paintings usually take so long because i change my mind so much on a characters hair and clothes so hopefully this time it'll go a bit smoother =)


Some WIP the green ones is a newer one that i need a break from cuz im not loving it but i need to finish it for my portfolio. The other one was started in December and I just remembered id like to start it up again at some point.


Study piece of nicole fox. Painted in artrage 3 figured i actually try to complete something in it, turned out decent for my first time using it and for being painted at a small resolution.

Antatomy 01

Working on anatomy. Her arms are a little too short and thin but its all about learning and realizing your mistakes . Used mjranum_stock .

Reference sweet reference

Head studies done with reference from Did some head perspective studies with no reference to start off the day and they were so horrible that I am not posting them. I like the ones i used refernence on so maybe if i practice more eventually i wont draw crap when i have no ref. Fingers crossed.

Hand study and an attempt

Did a hand study today for about an hour. I avoid drawing hands like the plague so i was in some dire need of studying them. Used as reference.

I also tried drawing without reference today =( The result is below. Needless to say tomorrow im going to have to do some head studies tomorrow LOL

Here comes the bride

4 hours study used mjranum-stock as ref Took longer then I wanted to spend but I'm pretty happy with the result of the dress.


Tiger study 2 hours didn't have time to render the fur maybe another day I'll try to learn how to paint fur.

original photo by MICHAEL NICHOLS/National Geographic Stock


Todays study more rough then the other ones again most of these probably take betwen 3-4 hours cuz im slowwwww and easily distracted, plus bird have feathers and don't have much practice with feathers.

once again i got this from national geographic, original photo taken by ED GEORGE


Yay got another study done not too bad hes a bit fatter than the photo i reference and a bit darker but im pretty happy with it. I still hate trees =( should definitely get more texture brushes to make tree painting go faster. But now with today's study done i can draw something more fun later.

original photo by GEORGE GRALL/National Geographic Stock


new study for today reference was used of a picture of gemma ward, and the dress was weird in it which is why it didnt turn out very well in the piece.

hopefully I'll be able to do a new study every day =)

Painting and studying

I did a new painting recently i decided to try sci-fi for once . I love a good sci-fi movie but i have no sci-fi works so i figured i slowly try to cross over to that genre a bit. It's one of my typical painting a pretty girl in a dress but at least im slowly getting better and doing backgrounds.

This will probably be one of my last finished pieces for awhile im going to try to focus on studies more. So most of the new pieces on here will hopefully focus on animal/creature, environments and general studies from life.

Here a painting study I did from a photo i found on the photo was taken by Raymond Gehman

Probably took between 3-4 hours because im a really slow artist and i get distracted by the internet way too much lol.


A painting I did as a Christmas gift for my parents. I started it back in august but I kept changing my mind so it took a lot longer then planned.

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