Tiger study 2 hours didn't have time to render the fur maybe another day I'll try to learn how to paint fur.

original photo by MICHAEL NICHOLS/National Geographic Stock


Todays study more rough then the other ones again most of these probably take betwen 3-4 hours cuz im slowwwww and easily distracted, plus bird have feathers and don't have much practice with feathers.

once again i got this from national geographic, original photo taken by ED GEORGE


Yay got another study done not too bad hes a bit fatter than the photo i reference and a bit darker but im pretty happy with it. I still hate trees =( should definitely get more texture brushes to make tree painting go faster. But now with today's study done i can draw something more fun later.

original photo by GEORGE GRALL/National Geographic Stock


new study for today reference was used of a picture of gemma ward, and the dress was weird in it which is why it didnt turn out very well in the piece.

hopefully I'll be able to do a new study every day =)

Painting and studying

I did a new painting recently i decided to try sci-fi for once . I love a good sci-fi movie but i have no sci-fi works so i figured i slowly try to cross over to that genre a bit. It's one of my typical painting a pretty girl in a dress but at least im slowly getting better and doing backgrounds.

This will probably be one of my last finished pieces for awhile im going to try to focus on studies more. So most of the new pieces on here will hopefully focus on animal/creature, environments and general studies from life.

Here a painting study I did from a photo i found on http://www.nationalgeographicstock.com the photo was taken by Raymond Gehman

Probably took between 3-4 hours because im a really slow artist and i get distracted by the internet way too much lol.

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